Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday 6/21/15 Report - Big Brown, Father's Day & Afternoon Sunshine

Brian's Big Catch of the week

The Farmington River is flowing at 304cfs in Riverton downstream to the junction of the Still River. Total flow in the Catch & Release area is 446cfs. The river is medium and clear. Rain will end by mid-morning and sunshine is forecasted for this afternoon. If conditions change due to rainfall, remember that you always have the option of fishing in Riverton above the Still River (basically from Hitchcock up to the dam) and that will stay medium & clear. Unless we got a lot more rain, I suspect the C&R area/TMA will stay fishable for later today. Today would be a good one to chuck some streamers looking for big trout- hit the snags, drop-offs, big rocks, undercut banks, etc. Good #16-18 Sulfur hatch last night, and before that there were #18 Attenuata Blue Wing Olives.

Beautiful big 21" brown caught by DEEP Brian this past week, on a Sulfur dry, way outside of the Catch & Release area. Plenty of nice trout all over the river, so if a favored section is crowded, work your way downriver or upriver until you find some elbow room. There will be trout wherever you choose, I guarantee it. Catching them, however, is up to you.

Check out the cool new Green Weenies Don tied for us on Umpqua Competition jig hooks with tungsten beads- look deadly!