Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday 6/28/15 Report

The Farmington is currently 345cfs and clear from the dam in Riverton, downstream to the confluence of the Still River. Downstream of Riverton and through the Catch & Release area, the river is 750cfs and off color. We have received less rain than expected which should allow the Farmington to drop back to normal levels quickly over the next 36 hours At this level, the river is most fishable for dry flies above Riverton center. Streamers and nymphs should be the main choice in the Catch & Release area and can produce some great trout as the fish tend to pile up in when the water rises.  Sulphurs #16-18 are the hot story right now and are out throughout the afternoon and evening. Sulphur Spinners #16-18 are out in quantity from 8:30pm. Terrestrals such as ants & beetles have been producing good catches in the late morning and afternoon. Blue Wing Olives #20-24, Rusty Spinners #20-24 and Lt Cahill #12-14 on the water also along with some remaining March Browns. Isonychia are out in decent numbers downriver in the Canton through Unionville stretch, and a few are popping up here on the upper river. In the C&R section, Winter/Summer Caddis #18-22 have been hatching well early morning to 11am, with adults on the water in the late afternoon and evening.  -Grady

Top picture is Wade Schools with a measured 20" plus perfect specimen of big Farmington River brown trout, caught on a nymph. It took him 200 feet downstream through fast water during the fight. Wade ties flies for UpCountry, and he just dropped off some deadly looking Sulfur nymphs. The second picture, with a fat brown has a hand in it that belongs to Andy Lyons- he caught 7 like that in the morning alone, wow. It is typical of what the large Two Year Old browns look like, 1,000 were stocked in April by CT DEEP fisheries in the Catch & Release/TMA area. They average 14-18", are very fat, have a clipped adipose and a dye mark behind the left eye (color varies according to year stocked). Some that were stocked this year were up to 20", I caught one last week that taped 19.5".  -Torrey

Subsurface: Hot Spot Nymphs, Yellow Sparkle Prince #14-16, Caddis Pupa & Larva in both tan & olive/green #14-16, Pheasant Tails #14-20, Fox Squirrel Nymph #10-14, Prince Nymph #10-16 are all working well. We are seeing Golden Stonefly nymph husks on the rocks in fast water, so they are active & hatching, and are an especially good nymph choice in the mornings. FYI big trout LOVE them, use matching nymphs in #6-10 right now, and focus on the faster, rocky water where they live & emerge from. Streamers are working well in the early morning and again toward dark- look for either low light or murky water for best results during this time of the year on the Farmington. Mice, Rats and giant Streamers are working after dusk.  -Torrey

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