Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday 4/22/16 Report- spinners, Henny's, and more big trout

So my girlfriend Mandy caught a big trout.... 25 1/2" broodstock rainbow, over 6#, caught on a big stonefly nymph. Caught & released for someone's future enjoyment. Fishing has been very good this week, with mid-afternoon Henny (Hendrickson) hatches, and on mild nights that were not windy, some very good spinner falls. Afternoon hatch is at least as far upstream as Pipeline now, and as it wanes downstream it will continue to move upriver for a few more weeks. If you see bugs but not much rising activity during the afternoon hatch, try fishing wets & soft-hackles, it can be VERY effective, not to mention fun. Or do what I often do and nymph during the hatch, you might be surprised at the big trout that stay deep and don't rise.  I got reports that last night's (Thursday) spinner fall was excellent, not surprising given evening air temp around 70 degrees and there was almost no wind. Sunday, Monday & Thursday all were good spinner nights- mild, no rain, and not windy. When conditions are not right, the spinners go back in the trees, and either fall mid to late morning, or the next night conditions are suitable. Guide Zach Saint Amand got his client into a 21.5" brown on a spinner Wednesday night, despite the cool evening put a damper on the spinners. Wednesday evening I was lucky to land, back-to-back, two 20"+ browns, one holdover (adipose clipped Two Year Old) and one spectacular wild trout. When I land a big wild brown, I always feel pretty pumped. I'll post some of these pictures over the next few days on FaceBook, and also add them to the bottom of this report. Also hatching in the afternoons are #18 Mahogany Duns /Blue Quills, #16-18 Blue Wing Olives (a few), and Black Midges #22-32. Starting to see some smaller Caddis mixing in at moments, not sure on the exact species.

The Farmington is currently a medium/medium-low total flow of 234cfs in the permanent Catch & Release area- this is a very wadeable level, and great for dry fly & wet fly fishing. The entire river outside of the Catch & Release section has been stocked multiple times in March & April. Don't limit yourself to only the more popular sections of the river, as there is literally excellent fishing all over it.

Curious about fly fishing and want to learn more? Local Farmington River guide Steve Hogan will give a free one hour class this Saturday April 23rd at 10am at UpCountry Sportfishing. Call 860-592-1952 to sign up, space is limited to the first 6 people who call.

Nymphing has been a very consistent way to catch trout early in the season on the Farmington, and some VERY nice trout were landed on them this winter & early spring. It's how I catch most of my bigger trout.  Underneath the water use Hendrickson Nymphs #12-14, Hendrickson Soft-Hackles, Olive/green Caddis larva #14-16, Prince Nymphs #12-16, Quasimodo Pheasant Tails #12-18, Strolis Dark Brown Quill Jigs #10-14, Strolis Rock Candy (olive, green) 10-12, Black Stoneflies #12-16, Golden Stoneflies #8-12, Zebra Midges #18-20, and Hot Spot Nymphs #12-16.