Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday 7/10/15 Report

The Farmington is 325cfs from the dam in Riverton, 450cfs through the Catch & Release area and at a great level for the weekend. Water temps have been very cold benefiting the trout and the fishing with water temps from the mid 40's from the dam, and in the mid 50's through the Catch & Release area. Fished throughout several days this week, Blue Wing Olives #18, mixed with Isonychia #10-12, Sulphurs #16 & #18 have been on the water in good numbers and have been providing some good catches. Winter/Summer Caddis #18-22 have been hatching early morning to 11am, with adults on the water in the late afternoon and evening. Blue Wing Olives (BWOs) have been still my number one on the surface but caught several nice trout on the Isonychia, Ants & Beetles as well. On the bottom of the river my best catches have been on Tan Caddis Larva #8-14 - Grady

We will be adding lots of closeout, demo, and used rods to the website this week as time permits. Believe it or not, another tackle season is upon us and new products trickle in starting around the end of the month so we have to make room and clear out the old. All of the clearance items will begin appearing today on the Used Gear & Specials page.

Subsurface: Hot Spot Nymphs, Yellow Sparkle Prince #14-16, Sulfur Nymphs #16, Caddis Pupa & Larva in both tan & olive/green #14-16, Pheasant Tails #14-20, Isonychia Nymphs #10-12, Fox Squirrel Nymph #10-14, Prince Nymph #10-16 are all working well. We are seeing Golden Stonefly nymph husks on the rocks in fast water, so they are active & hatching, and are an especially good nymph choice in the mornings. FYI big trout LOVE them, use matching nymphs in #6-10 right now, and focus on the faster, rocky water where they live & emerge from. Streamers are working well in the early morning and again toward dark- look for either low light or murky water for best results during this time of the year on the Farmington. Mice, Rats and giant Streamers are working after dusk.  -Torrey