Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday 11/18/16 Report- Brown Town

Looks like the offspring of local guide Zach St. Amand didn't fall far from the tree- here is one of his sons holding a trophy Farmington River brown trout they teamed up on. Today, Friday, looks beautiful with sunshine and a high of 63, Saturday looks great too with a high of 59, nice and sunny, not windy at all today or Saturday. The brown trout in the Farmington are more than 3/4 of the way through spawning season and are falling for well placed nymphs and chasing streamers. As we enter late November & December, the bigger trout are post-spawn & hungry, and can often be enticed to eat a big streamer fished at first light or the end of the day (low-light periods, overcast or rainy days too). Please keep your eyes out for redds- these are the light colored areas in shallow gravelly riffles where trout dig out their spawning beds (tails of pools are typical locations). If you walk on the redds, you will crush the eggs & future wild trout.

The Farmington is running 87cfs through the permanent Catch & Release area/TMA (59cfs at USGS Riverton gauge, plus additional 28cfs from the Still River)-  we are still low, but fishable for sure and fishing well at moments for many anglers. Longer leaders, smaller flies, and a stealthy approach will help to catch trout when flows are down. The MDC did their fall trout stocking last week. This batch was stocked in the upper river from the Goodwin Dam in Riverton downstream to Whitemore Pool. The main hatch for November is the Blue Wing Olive sz 22-26 and the trout have been rising well to them throughout the afternoons, along with lighter numbers of Tan Caddis sz 16-18 and Isonychia sz 12-14. Streamers are catching a lot of trout currently, try yellow, olive, white and black, all colors have their moments of superiority so play around. The egg bite is still in full swing, so make sure to fish small egg patterns.

Nymphwise: Caddis Pupa (tan, brown) and small nymphs (Midges, Baetis, Quasimodo Pheasant Tails, Hot Spot Attractors, etc.) remain top producers, but the egg bite is in full swing, so make sure to have some egg flies (small Glo Bugs/Sucker Spawn/Otter Eggs) in your arsenal. Although smaller nymphs have been more consistent than bigger ones, don't rule out Stonefly Nymphs in #8-14 (brown, golden/yellow, black), sometimes they will pull bigger fish.

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