Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday 5/29/15 Report

I got destroyed by a big Farmington brown trout yesterday. I was having some pretty decent action fishing various nymphs in the fast water, including a couple of beautiful wild browns in the mix, including the big one pictured. I headed into a favorite section of water that normally is productive for me. After taking some average sized rainbows & browns, I headed to the prime lie. I fished it hard to get one, and then I put on heavier nymphs and picked up 2 more after a bunch of casts. I knew there had to be a big boy in there so I changed my bottom fly to a heavy #8 jig pattern. I ran the first cast tight to the snag, and it drifted 15 feet and stopped. I set the hook, and a very large golden blur started shaking his head. Everything was looking good until he decided to plow into the middle of the snag he obviously lived in. I tried to turn him, but had zero affect and ultimately my 5x tippet broke. Boooo. Still a great day with plenty of fish including some beauties, but I'm still thinking about the one I lost. Water temp was low 50's in TMA yesterday, high 40's up in Riverton.

The Farmington is currently 263cfs through the Catch & Release area (220 from dam in Riverton, 43 from the Still River)- this is a medium-low flow, very fishable & easily wadeable. Also a nice level for dry fly fishing, there have been good numbers of fish rising when there are bugs on the water, which has been often. Caddis are the main hatch now, so have #14-18 patterns in your boxes, both olive/green bodied ones as well as tan. #16 Sulfurs are hatching in the evenings, not in big numbers yet (it's still early), but I'd still make sure to have some imitations with you. March Browns/Gray Foxes are hatching too, they are a sporadic hatch that typically trickles off during the afternoons & evenings, they are a nice big bug too- you can blind fish dries that imitate them, or fish an imitation of the nymph. The Winter/Summer Caddis #18-22 have been hatching well in early mornings in the Catch & Release area (normally early to mid mornings), with adults on the water in the afternoon and evening, and pupa very active subsurface in the mornings. While you may still see a few Hendrickson spinnners in evenings in the Riverton area only (Hitchcock Chair right up to dam), they are basically done. We are getting reports of March Browns up in Riverton already (they have been hatching in the TMA for well over a week now). Blue Wing Olives duns & emergers #18-24 have been on the river during the day this past week, as well with their spent form..... the Rusty Spinner #18-24 showing in the late afternoon and evening. March Browns/Grey Fox #10-14 are showing up in the late afternoons & eves, along with the start of the Vitreus #16-18 and the larger Sulphurs #16 (Invaria). The Sulfurs are a light hatch in the TMA, they are not up in Riverton yet. The further you go downriver, the better they are hatching. June is normally the peak month or Sulfurs on the Farmington.

Trout are being caught on the surface using a combination of Tan & Olive/Green Caddis  #14-18, March Brown/Gray Fox #10-14, Sulfurs #16, Winter Caddis #18-22, Blue Wing Olives #18-24, Mahogany Duns/Blue Quill #16-18, and Rusty Spinners #18-24.

Subsurface, Caddis Pupa & Larva in both olive/green & tan #14-18, Hare's Ear soft hackles #12-16, Golden Stoneflies #8-12, Pheasant Tails #14-20, March Brown/Gray Fox Nymphs #10-14, Fox Squirrel Nymph #10-14, Prince Nymph #12-18. Streamers are working well in the early morning and again toward dark- look for low-light conditions for best results.

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