Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday 5/5/15 River Report

Matty Baranowski showing reverence for a BIG Farmington brown he caught yesterday. It was steadily rising but snubbed him on various dries/emergers, so he dropped a Pheasant Tail Nymph under a Stimulator, and bingo, it ate the nymph just under the surface. Notice the intact adipose fin, this fish grew to size in the river, it's definitely not one of the large recently stocked Two Year Olds. Plenty of anglers out & about yesterday, and mostly good reports back. Some are reporting nice dry fly action, some less so. Reports are of increased Hendrickson hatching activity, with some people hitting good numbers of risers, and others not so much. Typical Hendrickson fare I'd say. Hatch should be heaviest this week or so with the warm to hot weather here through next Monday. Good chance of a nice spinner fall this evening- you want it mild with little to no wind, and no rain. There were some spinners on the water yesterday around late morning/noonish. Sometimes they fall in mid/late morning if the conditions aren't right in the evening. If you want to avoid the angling pressure, try one of the following: go out in the early mornings, fish weekdays, fish outside of the TMA (especially downriver, the further downstream you go, generally the lower the pressure), or fish the "B" water away from the main pools. Also, the further you have to walk from easy access, generally the less anglers you will find. Trout are currently being caught via all methods: wets, dries, nymphs & streamers- some big fish have been landed over the past week, both holdovers & recently stocked Two Year Olds (they all have clipped adipose fins). The influx of stocked trout last week seems to be creating competition and getting the holdovers & wild trout fired up. Wet flies/Soft-Hackles have been very effective, and are a fun way to catch trout & cover lots of water efficiently & quickly.

There have been trout rising in the TMA/C&R section if you want to fish dries, albeit the subsurface guys are catching the most fish. Hendrickson hatch is picking up every day in the C&R section, best hatching reports over this past weekend were downriver towards Collinsville/Unionville, they are always at least a few days ahead of us. Some of the risers were big holdovers too.  Although most of the catch has been comprised of recent stockers, some big holdovers have been mixing in, the competition from stocked trout seems to have them feeding better, plus the increase in water temps & increased bug activity. A "Perfect Storm" of sorts, in a good way. Water temps, flow, hatches & trout stocking have all lined up perfectly, finally! I've seen a lot of fish porn over this week, with some big trout in the pictures, a mix of holdovers/wild trout, and large recently stocked Two Year Old browns.

The Farmington is currently 267cfs total flow  through the catch & release area (96cfs from the Still River). The Farmington River Catch & Release area was stocked last week with thousands of trout trout, including 1,000 Two Year Old Survivor Strain brown trout which average over 16 inches and some of which are bigger and top out at 3 1/2 to 4 pounds- they put in some hefty trout this year. Trout are being caught on the surface using a combination of Hendricksons (sz 12-14), Winter Caddis (sz 18-22), Caddis (sz 16-18), Blue Wing Olives (sz 16-24), and Mahogany Duns/Blue Quill (sz 16-18).

Subsurface, try fishing Hendrickson nymphs, a bigger #12-14, Pheasant Tail can also works great. #16-18 Olive nymphs imitating Baetis Vagans are also a good choice now, they are active. Early Stoneflies (sz 12-16), Pheasant Tails (sz 12-18), olive/green caddis larva (sz 8-16), cased caddis larva (sz 8-16), attractor nymphs (sz 12-18 in Red Headed Stepchild, Copper Johns, blue Lightning Bugs, Yellow Prince, Rainbow Warrior, etc.), and egg flies (sz 10-18) are still a good choice. Don't be afraid to fish some some gaudier/flashy/attractor-type nymphs, the trout sometimes show a preference for them, doubly true for recently stocked trout.

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