Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday 7/31/15 Report- Trout Trifecta & good fishing

Great evening of fishing last night after the storms moved through. Started about 6pm using a double nymph rig with a Blue Wing Olive nymph in the top position and a blue Copper John in the lower position. Caught about a dozen trout including a couple of larger rainbows alternating between the two flies. The action was so good I could only surmise that the earlier rains stirred up the bottom enough to activate the trout. Around 8:15pm the water began to boil and I switched over to a Sulphur dry #18 and landed several more trout leading into dark - Grady

I fished the second half of day Thursday, and the nymphing was very good for me. No monsters, but lots of nice fish up to about 15-16", including all 3 species: Brookies, Browns & Bows. even caught a small wild Rainbow with parr marks on it's sides. Water temp was 56 degrees in Riverton around noonish, and in the middle of the TMA/Catch & Release area was 62 degrees at 8pm.   -Torrey

River is still in great shape, with 293cfs through the Catch & Release area and water temps are mid 50s to mid 60's, depending upon distance from the dam in Riverton. Needhami's also known as Chocolate Duns, averaging a #22-26 are on the water from 7am to 1pm (approximately).  Needhami Spinners dropping from previous day's hatches come first, then the duns in the later morning. There are still good Winter/Summer Caddis #22-24 in early/mid mornings with some small Tan Caddis in #18-20 hatching sporadically from mid/late morning through the day, and they are back on the water egg-laying in the evening. Isonychia are a major hatch in late afternoon thru early/mid evening (peak has generally been 5-7pm, but we've seen them both much earlier & later), they are running about #10-12 and hatch in the faster, choppy water (pool heads, riffles, faster runs, pocket water). Sulfurs averaging a #18 are on the water in the evening with spinners at dusk- they are getting lighter in Catch & Release section and are hatching best upriver (I've seen them hatching well into August close to the dam). Blue Wing Olives #20 & #24 are hatching in the late afternoon as well with matching #20 rusty spinners at dusk. I believe the #20's are Attenuata, and I've been seeing them at dusk. Ants & beetles are fooling fish in the daytime.

Currently effective nymphs include: Hot Spot Nymphs #14-18, Wade's Clinger Nymph #14-16, Olive nymphs #16-20, Yellow Sparkle Prince #14-18, Sulfur Nymph #16, Caddis Pupa & Larva in both tan & olive/green #12-18, Jig nymphs #10-16, Pheasant Tails #16-20, Isonychia Nymphs #10-12, Fox Squirrel Nymph #10-14, Prince Nymph #10-18, and Golden/Brown/Black Stoneflies #6-12 are all working well. Streamers are working well in the early morning and again toward dark- look for either low light or murky water for best results during this time of the year on the Farmington. Mice, Rats and giant Streamers are working after dusk.